Unleashing Human potential
for a Better Ecosystem

At Moonstone, we hold a profound belief: that the potential within each individual can be harnessed to catalyze positive change within our ecosystem.

Our mission is far-reaching, ambitious, and rooted in the understanding that a sustainable future requires a collective effort to mend the damages we've caused as a society.

We're here to tackle these challenges at their roots!!

By the end of 2024, we are dedicated to investing up to $50,000 in 60 startups


Our selection process is designed to be founder-friendly, valuing your time and commitment.

In a process that typically takes a maximum of two weeks, we identify startups with lead investors who share our vision, enabling us to collectively shape a future that's not only sustainable but inspiring.

The Team
Jacopo Mele
Jacopo Mele
General Partner
Chiara Castelli
Chiara Castelli
Investment Manager
Alessandro Pugliese
Administrative Officer
Vittorio Tatangelo
Portfolio Manager
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