investing in founders first

We understand that the best solutions often come from those who dare to tackle the greatest challenges and we seek out founders who are deeply determined to create innovative solutions, regardless of the sector or geography

Apto is a referral-based work platform leveraging one of the most valuable assets: referrals from trustworthy top-level professionals

Atlantix is a platform that provides ecommerce services for producers, entrepreneurs and consumers, through a disruptive organization model based on meritocracy

Reimagining mental health treatment by facilitating innovations in psychedelic research, medicines and therapy - starting with bespoke treatment centres for clinical trials

Cooabit is s building a Technology and Financial infrastructure to power homeownership for young generation: a bridge between rent and homeownership

Cosmico accelerates the transition to new work models that empowers top talents in the IT and creative industries

Cubbit is the b2b geo-distributed cloud enabler (i.e. a runs-anywhere cloud storage with 100% control over data, infrastructure and cost), the EU-based leader of decentralized storage in the world.

Hale is a digital platform that supports women suffering from chronic pelvic pain worldwide

Hephaestus is developing the world first AI tools to accelerate fusion design by over 3x and deploy 100 nuclear fusion reactors by 2035

To make products that inspire people to feel confident and empowered about their menstrual cycle and sex life, free of any dyes and chemical and made from organic eco-tex bamboo and natural cotton

Hotiday is the first hotel room instant buyer that acquires unsold hotel rooms, pays for them in advance and resells them on its travel platform

Jack Fertility's at-home sperm test kit makes it easy and convenient to get reliable results about the status of male fertility from the comfort of one’s home

Jiva’s mission is to tackle electronic waste with naturally derived Printed Circuit Board materials, reducing carbon emissions and Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment levels.

LessCO2 has developed a technological device that can split and eliminate in 3 days the same amount of CO2 that a tree can eliminate in 1 year

Limenet captures and stores CO₂ in the form of calcium bicarbonate in the sea, fighting ocean acidification

Luna is the world’s first health and well-being companion tailored to adolescents that provides medically-backed content to empower teens, making their growth a less lonely, confusing and anxious experience

Midly restores value to music art, with a platform that reduces the distance between fans and artists.

MindAhead is a digital tool for the early detection and digital therapeutics of cognitive impairment

Moonai improves menstrual pain management, sleep patterns and mental health with one app, based on Neuroscience and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Nova is the global top talent network that connects the top 3% of talents amongst themselves and with the best professional opportunities


The startup has developed a self-healing concrete formula that reduces CO2 emissions, prevents deterioration and related costs

Part enables everyone to invest in the real estate market, allowing users to receive monthly income and sell stocks on the secondary market

Planckian exploits quantum physics to achieve efficiency in energy manipulation

RECO2 has patented an industrial process that transforms industrial by-products into innovative new building materials

Rosso aims to eliminate blood emergencies over the next 10 years, accompanying donors throughout the entire donation experience

Screevo is the voice powered automation platform to create voice controls that automate data entry, eliminating the non-productive screen hours

StepsConnect aims at connecting the new generation of talents with companies, helping them to reach an audience they could never reach using their current strategies

Text Yess helps ecommerce businesses to increase retention, allowing their customers to buy with just one text

WSENSE has developed an underwater communication cabless system with pioneering patented solutions in the IoUT

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